"Whole lotta DC f***ing Rock! Go and witness the best tribute to the best Rock N Roll band on the planet" - Kerrang! Radio

"Seen these guys a few times and everytime they blow the roof off. Definately the best AC/DC tribute band on the circuit" - Johnny Doom

"Whole Lotta DC are the Ronseal Woodstain of AC/DC Tribute bands.... They do EXACTLY what it says on the tin!" - Dewsbury - Team Rock Radio

"If you didn't get to see AC/DC this time around then go and see them. They are just so close, I'ts just wonderful to see" - Planet Rock

"AC/DC’s music might sound easy to play, but it’s delivered in a tempo and rhythm that only few can master. Some people call this ‘the vibe’ which can’t be analysed in music theory. Some bands have it and some don’t, Whole Lotta DC simply have it. That’s why they are so much in demand." - Keith Thompson (Revolver)

"Clearly everyone was there to see Whole Lotta DC. They launched into Riff Raff and from then on the audience were in the palm of their hand. Guitarist Richard Crump has the Angus Young act off to a tee. He duckwalks all over the stage and jolts as though he is plugged directly into his own supply of high voltage." - Scarborough Evening News

"What can I say about these guys, but WOW! I’m a massive ACDC fan, and these guys totally rocked it! They really took on the characteristics of AC/DC. Performing a fun filled, rocking set, we even had their Angus Young come out playing his guitar amongst the crowd, whilst sat on their Brian Johnson’s shoulders. One heck of an electric set, and they had the crowd eating out of their hands." - Leanne Knibb (Secret Sounds)

"The band had the tunes down perfectly, with not a note out of place and the steady drums and crunchy guitars spot-on.
Best of all was the lead guitarist, who spent the whole show stumbling around in the same bleary-eyed edge-of-heart-attack state as the legendary Angus Young" - Norwich Evening News

Whole Lotta DC are one of the best tribute bands I've seen. The real thing won't tour again anytime soon, if ever, so go see these. Disappointment won't be on the agenda. - Ordinary Man Blog

"I thought it was gonna be some second rate S**T band trying to do some DC, but JESUS was i wrong........ this band is absolutely fantastic, any hardcore AC/DC fan should see these live. Check out their web site and try to catch them @ their next gig.................I promise you, you wont be dissapointed" - Jarrefan (Chester)

"Just wanted to say thank you once again guys. You were out-standing, and you guys are just loved by everyone at Napton" - Napton Festival

"As a Board Member from the Cumnock Music Festival I have to tell you that you guys were amazing and you are the talk of the whole festival" - Cumnock Festival