Spook provides the classic Angus Young riffs, solos and sweaty naughty boy antics in the re-creation of the AC/DC show. He has the Angus Young act off to a tee - He duckwalks all over the stage and jolts as though he is plugged directly into his own supply of high voltage Top this off with a pair of school shorts, and your have the same bleary eyed, edge of a heart attack state as Angus Young on stage.
Guitars 1972 Gibson SG Deluxe with a Bareknuckle Riff Raff Pickup & 2009 '61 Gibson SG re-issue with Angus signature pickup
Strings Rotosound RH9 strings
Amp 1977 Marshall JMP MKII 100w amp
Cabs 1 x Marshall 4 x 12 A
1 x Marshall 4 x 12 B
Speakers Old Celestion G12-65's
Wireless Sennheiser Evolution G2 + SoloDallas Schaffer Vega Replica
The rest 2 x Custom made Crush Velvet Schoolsuits
WL/DC Boxers, School Cap, Reebok Classic Trainers
Az brings the powerful, charismatic vocals and stage prescence of Brian Johnson to the party.
Delivering the trademark screaming highs and gravely lows, this talented frontman excels at exciting the audience to give them the full experience of an AC/DC show
Mic Shure SM58 Wireless Mic
Beverage Newcastle Brown Ale, and lots of it!
The rest Flat Cap
Harley Davidson Blowout Top
Paddy (Rhythm guitar & backing vocals) provides the solid, chunky and consistant guitar lines that are unmistakable in any AC/DC number. Plugging his Malcolm Young Signature Gretsch (with Rotosound R13 strings) via a Line6 Wireless system straight into a Marshall JCM800 100 watt stack, Paddy nails the hard-and-heavy, no-frills sound of Malcolm Young.
Guitars Gretsch Firebird Custom
Strings Rotosound RH13 strings
Amps Marshall JCM800 100w
Cabs 1 x Marshall 4 x 12 A
1 x Marshall 4 x 12 B
Speakers 1978 Celestion BlackBacks
Wireless Line6 G50 Digital
The rest Well worn jeans & t-shirt/vests
Reebok Classic Trainers
Mick (Bass guitar and backing vocals) completes the 3 man rhythm machine that is key to the AC/DC sound, providing the solid, pounding basslines of Cliff Williams. This massive bass sound is acheived Sandberg California and Musicman Sterling custom basses through a mighty Ashdown custom EVO 800w all valve head and Ashdown custom 8x10 cabs. Wireless comes from Shure and strings by Rotosound... A Proper Trouser Flapper!
Bass Sandberg California P Bass & Musicman Sterling
Amp Ashdown EVO Bass Magnifier 800w all valve
Cabs Ashdown EVO 8x10
Wireless Shure
The rest Well worn jeans & t-shirt/vests
Niall is the powerhouse behind WL/DC's rhythm section. Described by audiences as a "metronome", he keeps the pounding beat that is at the heart of the AC/DC rock solid sound. Niall uses a Sonor Special Edition Phil Rudd Signature Drum Kit as used by AC/DC on the "Black Ice" tour to produce a fat, intimidating sound that drives the all important "groove" of the band.
Kit Sonor Special Edition Phil Rudd Signature
Bass Drum 22 x 18 (without Tom Mount)
Snare Sonor Phil Rudd Signature Snare
Toms 13 x 13 Rack Tom
16 x 18 Floor Tom
18 x 18 Floor Tom
Cymbals Paiste
Sticks Promark 5a & 5b
The rest Well worn jeans & t-shirt
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